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Mini Hacking with RA Course

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Mini Hacking with RA Course

Categories: Ethical Hacking
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About Course

Are you looking for a mobile hacking course in Telugu? Or an ethical hacking course in Telugu? Cyber security is a growing concern for everyone, and our ethical hacking courses will give you the skills you need to stay safe online. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, we have a course for you. Learn more about our courses and how you can protect yourself from online threats.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn basics ethical hacking
  • Social Media Hacking
  • Learn about phishing attacks
  • Learn about Rat tools
  • Understand Android Hacking
  • How hackers will hack android phones
  • Real World Hacking techniques
  • Learn about android virus

Course Content

Introduction of Ethical Hacking

  • Learn Ethical Hacking basics
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking pdf
  • Quiz

Information Gathering

How to find victam ip address and using ip how we can track

Android Mobile Hacking Course in Telugu

Latest Powerfull Android Hacking Tool (2023 Method)

Learn how to bypass google play protect

Setup Kali linux OS on Your Windows

Social Media Hacking (fb, instagram, gmail)

Track anyone location by sending a link

Spy on children’s & friends phone

Windows Hacking using 888RAT in Lan network

What is Dark web & Deep web? & How to Access

How to hide our identy in internet using VPN

WhatsApp Hacking using QRLjacking in Kali linux

Search like hacker using google dorks

Hide your secrets files in image using steganography technique

IDN Homograph Attack (powerfull attack)

Bypass any website login page using SQL Injection

How to recovery web browser password with one click

Free resources to learn Ethical Hacking

Bonus Practical Hacking E-books

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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1 week ago
Great teacher for Ethical Hacking ! Explains tough stuff clearly, hands on learning is awesome.Totally Recommed !
1 week ago
Before joining I have zero knowledge about hacking but after this course I have gained knowledge about hacking Very good explanation bro thank you
nice explation.............. and its main thing is its a in Telugu Laguage
3 weeks ago
this course is very helpful to all people who are interested in the Hacking profession. and your explanation is in theatrical and practical very useful to us and mainly telugu people. i thank you for being member of the hackers community.
4 weeks ago
A great place to learn hacking knowledge. Great and clear explanation in our mother tongue language in pin to pin detail. Excellent response from the team if we have any doubts. Most affordable price.
3 months ago
I have seen about in faceboo ad I take a course your voice super give clear information n to n
3 months ago
Frist of all thank u ranjith sir .To provide such wonder full course in telugu.Really Very useful Course, to start career in ethical hacking. I Learned a lot . And sir u r explanation is wonderful sir. once again thank you so much ranjith sir for providing such wonderful course .
3 months ago
Hii Guys..Myself Roopendra and i am from Tirupati. I really enjoyed the Mini Hacking Course by Ranjith Sir. He is a great instructor and the course content is very informative. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning ethical hacking.The Mini Hacking Course was a great way to learn the basics of ethical hacking.I am very happy with the Mini Hacking Course by Ranjith Sir. I learned a lot about ethical hacking and I feel confident that I can use these skills in my career.
4 months ago
The course is so excellent .it will explaining is so and good
4 months ago
Excellent course
4 months ago
Hi Friends This Course Is Superb And Exellent, Ranjith teaches this course very well, This course is very useful at a low Price For Protect From Cyber Attacks In Future. Thank You
I just wanted to tell about my experience with the course that I have completed recently "mini hacking with ra" people who want to pursue their career in cyber security this course will be helpful. I want to say that I have learnt some tricks in this course and we can learn Android hacking,WhatsApp hacking etc through this course. I liked this course so now I am enrolling to master in ethical hacking with ra.
4 months ago
The way of explaining in telugu is really good. Who worried about english course in ethical hacking the perfect way to join Ranjith's Hackers Unskool. Thanks for the team of Ranjith Adalakadi.
4 months ago
Thanks for the crisp and clear explanation. The course was very useful in enhancing my knowledge around cyber attacks. Looking forward to participate in more such courses.
4 months ago
Im 13 Years age boy , studying 8th class, This is awesome course , i learn this course with in 1 week, very easily with the help of HACKERS UNSKOOL team support .This is not only useful for educational purpose and also gives the awareness on scams. It is very useful for me, in my future. I am proud to be student in this Hackers Unskool. Thankyou very much to Unskool team for giving their valuble support.
6 months ago
First of all thanks to Ethical Hacker Ranjit Anna for providing such a good course in our mother tongue. This course is a boon for our Telugu people who want to learn hacking skills. Those who complete the course will definitely feel that they have taken a valuable course.☺️🀝
6 months ago
I like your Clear cut explanation bro and it is very useful for the people who want to learn hacking particularly for our Telugu people.
6 months ago
I recently enrolled in an ethical hacking course, and it far exceeded my expectations.🀠 Each module was meticulously designed, offering a perfect balance between theoretical concepts and hands-on exercises. Overall, I highly recommend this ethical hacking course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in ethical hacking. And the Ranjith Adlakadi sir as well as the support team response was genuinely outstanding.πŸ™Œ Thanks a lot😊

About RA

Ranjith Adlakadi is a certified ethical hacker, author, teacher, content creator, and cyber security mentor, based out of India.

About RA

Ranjith Adlakadi is a certified ethical hacker, author, teacher, content creator, and cyber security mentor, based out of India.